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Campaign spotlight: poppies sprayed on parking bays - Poppy Appeal

Hats off to the imaginative team behind this Remembrance Day awareness project.

Artists were brought in to design and paint the flowers on parent and child parking bays across 22 supermarkets nationwide, marking 22 years of partnership between Sainsbury's and the Royal British Legion.

It works so well and on so many levels. Visually it's incredibly engaging and touching - with 'old and young' represented in such a simple way.

It's also a great use of a brand's free resources. Who would have thought utilising parking bays for PR and marketing could result in such positive exposure? I must have seen this story reported in at least five of the nationals so far.

It also brings art to an unlikely location - encouraging shoppers to stop, think and appreciate the message in such a very subtle way.

This year the Royal British Legion is encouraging the public to 'rethink Remembrance' by recognising the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces today, as well as in the past.

I think Sainsbury's have done a great job in rethinking campaigns with this project and I know it is one I certainly will not forget.

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