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80+ Pieces of Coverage for Health Client: Reflect Clinic

Contacts are everything in the world of media and as a journalist one of my main tasks was to network, meet and build good relationships. From lawyers to delivery drivers - everyone has a story and if you make a good connection, you've a contact for life.

That's why I was thrilled to be connected via a good journalist friend, Rachael Spencer, to top UK plastic surgeon Gerard Lambe. Mr Lambe (I'm not being formal, that's the correct way to address a surgeon!) is an exceptionally talented, in fact gifted, surgeon. He is a lead surgeon at world-renowned Christie Cancer Hospital in Manchester but also has a thriving private cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic called Reflect.

Since taking Gerard and Reflect on as clients, we have had one of those really seamless working relationships where each party has just complimented each other's skill set. Gerard Lambe is a natural speaker and a dream of a client for broadcast opps. Likewise, he trusts my ability to nose in on a news story or trend and build some really good publicity out of it for his brand.

Last month I was so pleased to audit Reflect's account and to let Gerard and his amazing wife Joanna (his marketing guru) know that they're record breakers - over 80 pieces of national coverage in 6 months alone! From The Telegraph to the Mirror and Tatler, Gerard has appeared in countless strong and widely read articles.

Best of all he made his debut on ITV's This Morning and while I have managed to place other clients on the famous sofa, it was really wonderful to see him there - he looked very 'at home'.

Here's to more success for this very gifted and selfless surgeon who is changing lives and putting ethics and safety first always.

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