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Why open work spaces rock...

I'm presently working with a really forward-thinking and yes, a genuinely fun PR agency - Pegasus Health Communications, based in Brighton. One of the first things that struck me when I started working with these guys back in February was their really cool office!

Not to 'office shame' any other agencies or media newsrooms, but in my time I've worked in some of the ugliest offices on the planet! One, I recall, had no overhead lighting (due to a wiring issue that was NEVER resolved) and we relied just on Ikea desk lamps, seriously.

The PR team I noticed began to physically hunch over their keyboards and squinted constantly at their screens. Needless to say, many complained of headaches and tiredness. Productivity after 4pm in the winter was, shall we say, a bit crummy in that office.

So what's the answer? Budget permitting, and I'm not talking the Google or Aplle HQs here people, a fresh, open work space is really a win-win situation. Light and colour has a powerful effect on our neuro-reactions and health. So, I'm a big fan of bright, white office spaces that have an open plan core.

PR can be stressful and so escaping your desk is important - mixing up the office space with inventive seating and hubs really does boost energy and dare I say it, productivity. It's a win win.

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